Medford, OR (PRWEB) 26 January 2015

New Space-Saving Sit-Stand Workstation Introduced by ICWUSA

Addressing the health concerns about sedentary computer use,, Inc. ( created the Ultra 182 computer workstation with full sit-stand functionality, correct ergonomics, and compact size and stowage.

Recognizing the need for a streamlined sit-stand workstation with correct ergonomics, ICW designed, engineered and manufactured the New Ultra 182 computer mounting solution. The patent-pending Ultra 182 provides full sit-stand functionality, tilt and height adjustment of all components, easy adjustability for proper ergonomics and compact stowage.

Sit-stand workstations are able to enhance employee health, reduce fatigue and eliminate “sitting disease.”

• The Ultra 182 Workstation adjusts 24″ (61 cm) vertically, allowing users of different heights to work in comfort.
• This mounting arm offers an all-in-one solution for actions that require standing and those that require sitting.
• The arm rotates 180° horizontally on the wall mounted style, 360° on the desk and pole mounts for maximum flexibility in computer positioning.
• With 45″ (114 cm) reach, the new Ultra 182 arm can be extended well into the room and is an excellent mounting solution for many situations.

Monitors that rotate, tilt and swivel can reduce screen glare, make viewing easier and reduce neck, back and eye strain.

• The Ultra 182’s monitor is mounted to ICW’s ball VESA which provides 6-way movement. Monitors rotate from landscape to portrait position.
• The Ultra 182’s monitor rotates 360° independently from the mounting arm.
• The monitor adjusts 6″ (15.2 cm) vertically on sliding rails, and 5″ (12.7 cm) forward and back, adapting easily to the user’s preferences.

Keyboards that adjust easily for ergonomic comfort are able to relieve hand and arm strain.

• The keyboard quickly adjusts to positive, negative and neutral tilt for ergonomic comfort.
• The keyboard locks into the preferred tilt angle and returns to that position when used again after stowing.
• The Ultra 182’s keyboard swivels 360° independently from the mounting arm and the monitor.

Mounting solutions that have a small footprint and stow away compactly can free up desks and countertops and make the best use of available space.

• The Ultra 182 wall mount requires only a 3″ (7.6 cm) wide wall area. Desk and pole mount styles require 2.5″ (6.4 cm) of mounting space.
• Stowing 10″ (25.4 cm) from the wall, the Ultra 182 an outstanding choice for space-constrained environments.

Well designed and carefully manufactured mounting arms are a smart investment.

• The Ultra 182’s solid construction supports up to 32 lbs (14.5 kg).
• Strong yet lightweight billet aluminum delivers unmatched 24×7 performance.
• Heavy-duty internal and external components provide years of uninterrupted service.
• Rotational stops protect computer equipment and the facility from damage.
• Internal cable management protects wires, simplifies cleaning and creates a neater appearance.
• Made in America and built-by-hand production ensures unsurpassed quality, workmanship and dependability.
• Durable, powder-coated finishes resist the wear and tear of heavy use.
• Custom mounts for specialized situations are readily available.

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