Download IRG Maintenance Plan 2015

The IRG annual maintenance plan consists of an integrated one-year “In-Warranty” on-site repair and comprehensive preventive maintenance inspection program designed to optimize the operational capability of your CSMDirect products. Below is a brief description of the coverage and processes included in your plan.

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Inspection

(Performed by Manufacture Certified Technicians)
IRG will schedule and complete an annual on-site comprehensive preventative maintenance inspection of all IRG certified installations*/integrations*, ensuring your product will function according to manufacture specifications throughout its lifecycle. This is a detailed multi-point inspection that includes but is not limited to:

  1. Setting proper adjustments and movement.
  2. Replacing all missing parts.
  3. Tightening all screws and bolts.
  4. Checking and adjusting the cable management.
  5. Identifying and addressing any warranty related issues.

Upon completion, IRG will provide a completed Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Checklist detailing the inspection results.

Warranty Support

The comprehensive preventive maintenance inspection program has proven to significantly reduce the number of warranty incidents and their negative impact on organizational operations. In the event, however, of failed component IRG will adhere to the following process:

First Level Support (Hospital Staff)

  1. Help Desk receives trouble ticket for an IRG certified installation incident.
  2. IT Support performs an on-site assessment of the trouble ticket and confirms the issue is related to the IRG certified installation.
  3. IT Support contacts IRG via email or via phone at (888) 474-1971 explaining the nature of the trouble ticket in detail (a photograph is highly recommended to expedite the process).

Second Level Support (IRG Technician)

  1. Upon receipt of Hospital Incident Report, an IRG Certified Technician will contact IT Support within 24 hours to provide phone support addressing the trouble ticket and determining next steps.

  3. In the event of a Level I warranty problem – minor issue (user problem, adjustment, or swap out of a minor part):
    a. IRG will provide detailed phone support to the IT Support contact. In the event that a minor part needs to be replaced, IRG will order the replacement part and confirm that the IT Support contact can assist with the replacement/repair and RMA any parts if necessary. If not, the incident will be upgraded to a Level II warranty problem.

  5. In the event of a Level II warranty problem – major issue:
  6. a. IRG will order the manufacture warranted replacement part(s) and coordinate with the IT Support contact the delivery of ordered parts and a repair schedule for an IRG technician to be on-site for the replacement and/or repair and RMA of the warranted part(s).
    b. IRG on-site response time is dependent on resource availability, site availability, scheduling and shipment of parts.

  7. IRG will be responsible for the initial and on-going in-service training to all appropriate IT support staff. In addition, at the completion of every certified installation, IRG will provide end-user operational training to the clinical staff and communicate the appropriate procedures for handling warranty problems/incidents.

*IRG Certified Installations – those installations performed by IRG Maintenance Certified Technicians.