Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Do ICW products meet hospital construction and operation specifications?
• Yes, ICW products are OSHPD approved, meet ergonomists’ requirements and have easy to clean surfaces for infection control.

Do ICW arms have wire management?
• Most ICW arms have wire management that runs through the interior of the arm mount, providing for a clean professional installation, protecting wires and simplifying cleaning.

Do ICW mounts accommodate scanners and medical devices in addition to computers?
• Yes, ICW has specialized scanner and medical device mounts that pair with computer mounts. ICW also builds custom mounting solutions upon request.

How do I find the correct mount for my application?
• A sales representative will walk through the facility, assess needs and provide recommendations at no cost to the hospital.

Do you provide evaluation arms?
• Yes, evaluation arms and professional installation are provided at no charge.


Is there a local service representative in my area?
• Yes, in most areas. If not, a Sales and Service representative will travel to you.

Do you provide installation?
• Yes. We provide factory-approved installers who work with the facility to minimize disruption.

Do you provide Maintenance Contracts?
• Yes, we have maintenance agreements that include on-call repair and bi-annual maintenance which reduces down time and helps maintain facility revenues.

What is included in ICW’s Warranty?
•, Inc. warrants that the product you purchase, under normal use, is free from any defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period.
Download ICW’s Product Warranty

Where can I find information about ICW’s Return Merchandise Authorization?
• Customers must request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from ICW by phone. Please call ICW at 800-558-4435 between the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
Download ICW’s Return Merchandise Authorization


Where can I find the price of a unit?
• Prices are shown with product information in our Configurator.
ICW’s Configurator

How long does it take for products to ship?
• Most products are shipped within four business days.

How can I get shipment tracking information?
• Send a request by email to ICW Customer Service.


Where are ICW arms manufactured?
• USA. All mounts are designed, manufactured, assembled and shipped from our plant in Medford, Oregon.

How do I learn more about ICW products?
• Browse this website or Call Us Toll Free: 1-800-558-4435 to talk with an ICW Product Specialist.

Where can I get line drawings of products?
• Line drawings showing dimensions and range of motion are available in PDF format on our products sheets.
Download ICW’s Product Sheets

How do I know if my LCD monitor will mount to an ICW product?
• If your monitor is VESA compliant and under the maximum weight limit specified for the ICW product, it will be compatible.

What colors do ICW mounts come in?
• All ICW mounts are available in Medical White (MW), Writable Black (WB), Quartz Gray (QG), Tan (T), and Putty (P). Custom colors are available on request.