Custom Supply Cart Also Holds Computer for Charting

Armstrong Custom Supply Cart Case Study

Armstrong Cart Case Study

Elite 5221 Asymmetric Arm on Armstrong cart for custom medical supply cart
ICW built a custom solution. An Elite 5221 computer arm was mounted on an Armstrong medical supply cart so it serves dual functions of charting and supply distribution.


Solve expense and floor-space problems of needing two carts—one for supplies and a second for charting.

  • Mobile supply carts are used throughout many hospitals.
  • PACU, ICU, and ED areas usually have mobile supply carts stationed at bedside to hold equipment and required supplies.
  • Computers are needed at bedside for patient charting. Because space is limited, a Workstation On Wheels is often used to bring the computer into the room.
  • Carts that are rolled from room to room can spread contamination.
  • A Workstation On Wheels increases hospital overhead.


Mount a computer arm on the supply cart so just one cart is needed for both charting and supply distribution.

  • Saves money. Adding a computer mounting arm to the supply cart costs about 75% less than purchasing an additional Workstation On Wheels.
  • Saves floor space. Combining tasks on one cart eliminates the need for a second cart, freeing up precious floor space.
  • Streamlines workflow. Caregivers can chart and deliver supplies from a single dual-function supply cart.
  • Improves ergonomics. The Elite 5221 computer mount provides a comfortable, ergonomic sit-stand workstation while preserving the entire surface area of the cart for supplies.

Armstrong Medical’s A-Smart Cart Enhanced With ICW’s Elite 5221 Computer Mount

Armstrong A-Smart Cart

  • The A-Smart Cart is a top quality, heavy duty supply cart with standard 5” casters that swivel and lock. The cart has a built-in stabilizer bumper that provides mobility and stability.

ICW Elite 5221 Computer Mounting Arm

  • The Elite 5221 arm adjusts vertically and horizontally and has long reach. It enables a computer workstation to be positioned exactly where needed for greatest efficiency and comfort. The low-profile arm folds up and stows close to the cart, making it the perfect choice for tight spaces.
  • Range of motion for the arm: 360° of rotation at the pole mount, reaches up to 63” (160 cm), adjusts vertically 42” (106.7 cm), stows in 10.5” (26.7 cm).
  • The keyboard has positive, negative, and neutral tilt. Keyboard and monitor swivel independently from the arm.

Working with Armstrong Medical’s A-Smart Cart, ICW attached the Elite 5221 arm directly to the cart. Together these components provided a compact, affordable solution that combined the essential tasks of charting and supply distribution.